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missmagoo ([personal profile] missmagoo) wrote2008-11-17 12:30 pm

Boycott Cinemark Theatres!

Attention all! This is a CALL TO ACTION!

Alan Stock is the CEO of Cinemark, and he donated $9999 to YES ON 8

Cinemark now stands to profit from the movie MILK, the Biopic about Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official from San Francisco.


For more information about the boycott, and ways to find out which theaters near you to avoid, and which theaters are good alternatives, go to NOMILKFORCINEMARK.COM

Please spread news of this boycott as far and wide as you can!

ETA: For my Chicago peeps, This is a list of all Cinemark Theaters within 35 miles of Downtown. Happily, there's no Cinemark theaters in Chicago Proper, but if you or people you know are in the 'burbs, spread the word.

Near as I can tell for my Philly peeps, there's only 2 vaguely nearby listed here, but check your actual zipcode. That's from downtown.

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also why didn't he just donate 10,000 instead of 9,999?